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I'm Jeewan. I am a professional web developer having skills in various technologies and years of experiences. I am primarily a front end developer but I also work in numbers of other platforms including but not limited to iOS app developments, back end developments and sometimes designs. I was always fancinated by the front end developments works.

iOS Projects

Tap Cricket Bal (Now removed by Apple)

A Tap Cricket Ball is a tapped based game. The goal is to keep tapping and preventing the ball to hit the wicket (unlike in the real cricket match). Here, the ball has to survive against hitting the wickets. Scores are awarded whenever the ball passes from the wickets. more
Angry Quiz (Now removed by Apple)

Amazing quiz game for education and entertainment purpose. Includes 6 categories: 1. 80's movies & music 2. Famous Persons more

The first iPhone App that has its most UI in Nepali Fonts. It has multiple features, listen FM radio stations, surf news/entertainment/movies sites on its custom browser, watch weekly domestic comedian TV serials and view your weekly horoscope. more